Originally from Zadar, Croatia on Dalmatian Coast. I now live and work in Hobart, Tasmania where I have moved from Queensland in 2014.

My photography career started in early 2004 when I purchased my first digital camera and discovered the joy and fulfilment  one can get when practising creative expression trough photography.

However, love of nature is the main reason why I photograph. Having camera in my hands allows me to express the flow of positive energy and feelings I experience when I am immersed in pure, unspoiled natural environment.

Wild Tasmania feels like home to me. It’s Infinitive landscape forms and its raw, natural beauty is spellbinding. 

In the past I used to photograph in colour and now I exclusively work in Black and White photography medium. Current focus on Infrared photography coincides with my recent move to Tasmania. I am intrigued about infrared’s capacity to thrust the viewer further away from our normally perceived visual reality, into another world where lack of colour doesn't matters and where tone and contrast challenge our visual system.

I photograph with converted DSLR cameras and I print my own fine art black & white photographs. I do it because it allows me to have total control over my creative process. Starting from development of an idea in the field to the very end of process where I create something new that hasn’t existed before. Fine art print which encapsulates my own experience of the world at certain point in time and creates permanent record of it.

This website captures snapshot of my work from the beginning of the year 2018 to this day ( year 2019 ). Vast majority of presented photographs are captured by  infrared camera. However small number of images amongst them were converted to Black & White from colour images.( they are clearly marked B&W). 

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