I'm photography artist based in Hobart. I moved to Tasmania in 2014 from Queensland where I have lived for almost two decades. However I grew up in Zadar, Croatia. Living on Dalmatian coast near the blue Adriatic gave me strong foundations and have shaped my early World views. I studied chemistry at the University of Zagreb and have worked as a chemical engineer. I emigrated to Australia in the early nineties.

In 2004 following friends suggestion I purchased my first digital camera. I discovered creativity and creative expression trough exploration and nature photography. Looking at the World through the camera lens has thought me of importance of slowing down and taking the time to carefully consider ideas before forming any opinions about them.

My love of nature is main reason why I photograph. Infinitive landscape forms and endless ways in which nature reveals itself never stops to surprise me. Nature motivates me. It encourages my curiosity and instigates continuous desire to learn, especially when it comes to learning how to see. Ultimately my goal is one of becoming the best photographer I can be.

I was always attracted to Black and White photography. However my focus on Infrared photography coincides with my recent move to Tasmania. I am intrigued about infrared’s capacity to thrust the viewer further away from the objective reality we are accustomed to, into the another world where lack of colour doesn't matters and where the tone and contrast challenge our visual system.

Today I exclusively create fine art black & white photographs while using infrared converted DSLR cameras. This website captures snapshot of my work from the beginning of the year 2018 to this day (year 2019).

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