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Fine Art Photography



Robert Burcul is fine art photographer working in Black and White
photography medium. He is based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Robert specialises in creating Black and White fine art photography. Currently he photographs with infrared converted DSLR cameras. Infrared photography allows Robert to create images otherwise not possible with the conventional black and white photography. By deliberately using deep black and white tonal ranges and contrast he manages to construct  new reality which exists further away from our normally perceived, every day  visual experience. 




PHotography blog

Robert's photography blog is currently under the development. Once ready blog will be devoted to information about Infrared Black and White photography. In it Robert will also share his experience from his infrared journey so far and address different  matters relating to the black and white photography process in general. 




Robert's fine art prints are meticulously made from the selection of his best images. From the moment he conceives the idea in the field and makes the image in camera, throughout the whole editing process, till the end when image is printed, Robert is in the full control of creative process. He prints his own works of art for which he is using only the highest archival quality materials available to artist today. (Please Note Print page with more details is coming soon)



If I could tell the story in words I wouldn't need to lug around a camera.

Lewis Hine


I've been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors is black.

Henri Matisse


The hardest thing to see is
what is in front of your eyes.

Johann W. Goethe