Robert Burcul is a photography artist working  in Black and White photography medium. He is based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Robert specialises in creating Black and White fine art photography. Currently he works with infrared converted DSLR cameras. Infrared photography allows Robert to create images otherwise not possible with conventional black and white photography.

By deliberate use of deep black and white tonal ranges and contrasts he manages to construct  new reality. The reality farther away from our normally perceived,  every day  visual experiences. By doing so Robert  suggests to the viewer of his art to explore and to consider the new possibilities.

kunyani infrared


Infrared converted cameras utilise non visible range of electromagnetic light spectrum for the production of photographs. Working with different type of light presents itself with the set of unique challenges for the photographer. Due to different characteristics from the visible light spectrum infrared light rays will produce photographs with unique look and feel and some will even have surreal visual qualities challenging our perception of world. 




Robert's fine art prints are meticulously made from the selection of his best images. In order to maintain the full control of creative process Robert fully executes and develops his initial image idea.  From beginning, moment of capture throughout the editing process and finally until the end when he makes resulting fine art print. All materials used in making of his fine art prints comply with the latest requirements for the highest archival quality photography art.

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infrared video by Robert Burcul


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