About  Photography Folios

Despite the latest technology developments when it comes to printing high quality Black & White photography books, it still remains very expensive proposition. While searching for different ways to present my work I came across  Folio idea on LensWork, website run by Brooks Jansen. 


  • Photography Folio is collection of unbound, loose fine art prints housed together in a paper folio.

  • Prints can be sequenced to form a cohesive body of work but unlike in a book form, each print can be separated and examined individually which makes viewing of Folio much more personal experience.

  • Folios, including the fine art prints are assembled from archival, acid-free materials.

  • Each folio is shipped in a sealed, plastic sleeve.


Tasmania Vol I by Robert Burcul, print text
 Tasmania Vol I by Robert Burcul
  • Folios come in Black color

  • Folio Size is 8.5 x 11''

  • Each folio holds approximately twelve 8.5 x 11'' fine art prints

  • Approximate image size is 9 x 6'' (may differ per project)

Tasmania Vol I by Robert Burcul, pages
Tasmania Vol I by Robert Burcul, front

While presenting cost effective solution to obtain range of Robert's fine art prints in smaller format, folios are still made with the same focus on achieving the highest quality and utilise the same archival quality printing materials.


TASMANIA, Volume I Photography folio by Robert Burcul