Photograph is a bonus

Time stands still at Lake Burbury , Tasmania

Time stands still at Lake Burbury , Tasmania


Have you ever been disappointed after seeing the result of your attempts to capture, what you thought was going to be the perfect landscape image?

I have just returned from two days of photographing western part of Tasmania. One particular photo session will stay etched in my memory for a very long time. If ideal conditions to photograph any given location ever existed, this was it for Lake Burbury. Suddenly the wind has totally died out and surface of the lake turned into the mirror. The clouds developed subtle texture and started to reflect on the lake surface. Horizon floated and levitated somewhere in between the ever-changing, crumbling rock face and skies above it. Bursts of directional, low afternoon light filtered trough the cracks in a cloud layers and flooded the scene. Doesn’t matter In which ever direction I pointed my camera it seemed that there was yet another perfect photograph waiting to be taken.

And yet afterwards when I reviewed the photographs, I was somehow disappointed that none of them managed to capture that strong, elated feeling I had while standing in awe of the landscape scene developing in front of me. The fact is one photograph will never be able to give it a justice it deserves. Beauty of the World is just to Grand.

I think photography should be approached with receptive, open state of mind in which the present moment is experienced in full richness without discrimination of any preconceived ideas. The point should be to have a full experience. Photograph is a bonus.