Circle Rock


Tasmanian West Coast has some of the most amazing coastal landscapes you can imagine. Being there is like going back in time, millions years ago. Time when Earth was still forming its shape and humans were non existent.

I cherish every moment when l get opportunity to visit this remote location. On this occasion I was lucky to meet one of the friendly locals who shared with me some of the stories and her childhood memories of growing up in this idyllic  beach shack community.

Unfortunately “progress “ that has brought increased number of visitors to Tasmania has also made negative impact on this , once really remote and far away place.

While the most people who visit can not but feel connection  and respect for this timeless land , some of us behave just like simple idiots.

Amongst the rock formations is a special circularly shaped arrangement of rocks that existed here for millennia. I could not believe that someone would choose to make a camp fire on the top of it and drive 4 WD vehicle over it , leaving deep tire marks imprint behind and rearrange the surface of the rocks.

I simply don’t understand it and I am angered by the lack of respect that some people display for this special land which obviously needs our protection and it seems that we need to rethink current access rules for recreational 4WD vehicles.

It just doesn’t makes sense.

( Specific location purposely withheld ).