I'm photography artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. In 2014 I moved to Hobart from Queensland where I lived for almost two decades but I grew up in Croatia. Living in a small seaside town on Dalmatian coast near the blue Adriatic gave me strong foundations and those early years considerably shaped my world views. I studied chemistry at the University of Zagreb and have worked as a chemical engineer until I emigrated to Australia in the early nineties.

In 2004, on friends suggestion I purchased my first digital camera. Immediately I knew that photography will become important part of my life. I always loved being out in Nature but suddenly wondering outdoors with the camera in my hands has brought me even greater joy and satisfaction. Looking at the world through the lens has thought me of importance of slowing down and giving careful considerations to the world in front of me. Motivated me to keep exploring and learning, especially how to see.

Over the years I have invested lots of time, effort and resources into becoming a better photographer and I continued to learn everything I could about the art of photography. I held few solo exhibitions and exhibited in some group shows. On the way I studied and photographed architecture, weddings, events, portraits, real estate. I learned about fine art print making and much more.

However, on the end I always come back to the main reason why I got into photography in the first place. And that is because of my love of  Nature.  Richness of its infinitive landscape forms and endless ways in which nature presents itself never stops to surprise and motivate me. 

Black and White photography also always intrigued me, specially because of its ability to thrust the viewer further away from the objective reality we normally inhibit into the another world, where lack of colour doesn't matter. 

My interest in infrared black and white photography is relatively recent. I converted my first DSLR camera to infrared few years back, however it is only since moving to Tasmania that I have decided to leave the colour photography behind me and pursue finding my own style and vision within the black and white photography medium. Today I exclusively photograph in infrared and currently I don't own colour camera ( not counting an iPhone ).

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